Welcome to Bits and Scribbles

A creative blog of Natalia Linn, digital artist and graphic designer (hobbyist). The blog is a depository of bits of random information, artistic scribbles, creative tips and inspiration, as well as free graphic downloads and tools. Launched September 2015.

Terms of Use

The downloadable resources supplied on Bits and Scribbles are available for use in your personal and commercial design projects under the Creative Commons License, unless stated otherwise. Do not link to the download files directly, link to the webpage instead. Do not make the resources available for downloads outside of Bits and Scribbles blog.

A credit or attribution to Bits and Scribbles is not mandatory but is very much appreciated. It's not always convenient to add a credit to your design work, but remember there are other alternatives:
  • Link to Bits and Scribbles from your website or blog.
  • Tweet about Bits and Scribbles on Twitter.
  • Use the Share buttons on the resources page to spread the word.


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