Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kokeshi Dolls

Kokeshi are traditional wooden dolls from Japan. They have a simple cylindrical shape body with a round head, often with no limbs attached. The details of the face and kimono are painted over.

Kokeshi dolls are popular as gifts and souvenirs. There are even some fantastic modern designer kokeshi dolls. Momiji (United Kingdom), for example, is a beautiful collection of cute wooden messenger dolls inspired by kokeshi.

Another line of kokeshi inspired dolls is Kimmidoll (Australia). These are beautifully rendered designer collectible dolls.

Kokeshi are popular with the artists, especially beginners, as they are easy to draw due to their basic shape. If you type "kokeshi" in web search, you will get plenty of art pictures and doll photos. Here, for example, is an easy to follow tutorial on how to draw a kokeshi doll.

I have my own collection of kokeshi inspired art: 12 vector based kokeshi doll illustrations. The artwork is available in my online stores on select products, including Kokeshi Dolls Calendar. You can also browse them below.

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