Monday, September 21, 2015

Choosing Your Next Year Calendar

WWF Tigers Wall CalendarPut a bit of thought into selecting your next year calendar. You will be glad you did. Why? Simple really, you are going to stare at the same calendar picture for a month. Pick something that would make you smile or chuckle, calm you down or inspire, or even leave you in awe.

Baby Animals 2016 Desk CalendarWhen it comes to choosing new calendars in my family we have a tradition of sorts: every year we buy one by WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Part of the proceeds of the sale of that calendar goes back to WWF. Besides, the animal photos in the calendar are always amazing.

Serenity 2016 Wall CalendarIf you crave cuteness, you can never go wrong with baby animals. While kittens and puppies are a bit too much for me personally, wild cubs and kits and such remain one of my favorite.

Alchemy The Raven and the Rose 2016 Wall CalendarSerene landscapes make another good choice. Your own personal zen right there in a picture frame. It will help you relax, get away from everything, even if only for a moment.

Life Hacks 2016 Desk CalendarFantasy Art is another favorite of mine. It's a personal taste of course but I do believe that fantasy art calendars are always quite beautiful.

For a desktop calendar I like to pick those 365-days ones. Humorous, educational, or simply full of useful tips, they will share a little something with you every day.

This year I have my own calendar to add to the mix. A twelve-month Kokeshi dolls art calendar, available from Zazzle or an alternative version from RedBubble

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